Nacasa&Partners inc.

This is a series of furniture in acrylic.
Acrylic is generally thought of, first of all, as a more transparent material than glass. It is also a material that is easily bent and bonded. This project had its origin in a desire on my part to demonstrate the attractions of acrylic as a material.
This furniture is made of acrylic that has been made as thick as possible until it is almost massive; it has then been painted on its surface. The material as a whole is thus made opaque, but this has the effect of making the almost abstract colored surface at the far end of the thick acrylic quite conspicuous. That is, one sees this, not as paint applied on acrylic, but as a thick, transparent finish applied on a colored surface. The presence of a flat, opaque plane of color emphasizes by contrast the transparency of the acrylic.
The form is basically a simple cuboid. I wanted the observer to consider only the materiality of acrylic. The legs were made as slender as possible; the acrylic thus seems to float in midair. The result is a cuboid as transparent as water, floating in midair, which is how it got its name “AQUA CUBE”.
Through this project I learned acrylic has the luster and depth of Japanese lacquer. It came as a pleasant surprise to learn that this material was even more attractive and had even greater magical powers than I had imagined.