TS chair

Hiroyuki Hirai

This object was produced for display at an exposition.

In my opinion, creating a chair is and ought to be more than merely combining forms into a (maybe new and attractive) design. In line with this conviction, I decided that the chair I was going to design was to express and preserve all that the modernism had achieved by 1989, the year when I created this object.

First, I chose a cantilever structure (just think of Riedfield’s zigzag chair) as a fit symbol of our time. Then, I decided to use aluminum as a representative material of the 20th century. Finally, I actually made the chair. In this way, the object – apart from being a historical statement – also affords me tangible evidence of my existence in 1989. I named the object “TS Chair”, as intended to use the chair in the Tsuzuki Flat, which I was planning at the time.