The Urban Planning of the Teresitas beachfront in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Canary Islands, Spain

The site is composed of two distinct landforms, separated by a low hill.
On the ocean side is a bluff rising from the shore, within a landscape of color bands -the blue of the ocean, the white of the beach, the green of the verdant slope. On the mountain side is an alluvial fan at the mountain foot- a horizontal land expanse opening toward the ocean.
We propose to give each landform its own architectural form, so as to merge the architecture with the site.
On the ocean side is placed a layered volume, terraced with the slope so as to appear submerged in the lush green landscape. On the mountainside are stepped water plazas with interlocking surfaces, designed for optimum harmony with the flat expanse below the mountain.
Common to these contrasting architectural forms is a sense of integration, rather than confrontation, between interior and exterior spaces, and between the architecture and the verdant nature encompassing it. On the ocean side, the architecture is unified with the green slope; while on the mountainside, stepped water plazas give architectural articulation to the natural landform. The crux of our proposal -architecture that will merge with the landscape through its encounter with greenery and water.