Spiretec office headquarters competition


The project concept is to make the site ‘Oasis’ in new development area.
The site is fully applied to Green and Water as the attribution of Oasis. There people work in the office, live in the residents and sometimes more people come for the event like a conference or a reception. It contains not only business function but also public function like a food-court in Piloti where is freely accessible and many kinds of people meet, and that would become Oasis literally.

For ambient environment, Green boarder surrounds the site symbolically, Water runs through all over the site and Bio-street along the canal creates some identical scenes as well as assisting for cooling the site by Green and Water on the ground and roof level. The buildings are placed efficiently and effectively with Green and Water as well as the good balance of the building volume profiles. To integrate the facade element and the structure of the building gives us the impression of the unification for the entire site. The proposal building is connected into one, so that it can provide the best and radical circulation under any conditions by sterically-Swastika of different levels outside and inside.

The facades of the central building are mainly composed with the materials of traditional Indian architecture style; white marble as vertical louver, red sandstone as horizontal louver and relief stone as Jaalis, and create the familiar atmosphere. Besides, the facades of IT block are covered by aluminum louver which is artificial but maintenance-free and sustainable in order to supply the average condition for people who work in the office.
People move on white marble surface, next to water court with lambent reflections, along Bio-street with evergreen-tree and canal, between buildings covered with louver, in shadows by those, with vertical view to the sky between the buildings and horizontal extensity and depth on ground level.