Paju SW office

Seoul, Korea
Hiroshi Ueda

This project is for an office building in a new research park, currently under planning for a location near an airport, about an hour from central Seoul. The site is in an area of lush greenery, backed by mountains, and has a river running before it.

Considering the best response to such an environment, I decided to use glass of three different kinds of transparency—transparent, frosted, and stripe-print—for screening the interior space from the exterior. Applying these materials enabled me to manipulate the visual relationship between the interior and exterior and, at the same time, avoid an architecture that imposed itself harshly on the surroundings.

I employed staggered floor levels for the interior spatial composition. Inserting a staircase in a vertical void, topped by a skylight, and placing a ramp along an exterior glass curtain wall, I connected the floors with a gentle, spiraling path of movement. This open design engenders a perception of the office building’s interior as a single space.