House on Musashino-Hills

Hiroshi Ueda

This house has been designed for a woman living alone. On a hillside overlooking Tamagawa River on south, the site is situated off the street and surrounded by many trees, in a highly favorable environment.
The client is a writer working at home, whose work style required a distinct separation between the private area including the workplace, and the area for receiving guests such as the living room.
A three-storied building implanted in a 30 – degree inclination, it consists of a double-deck concrete structure and a box made of steel and glass placed on top, off-axis and floating on air. Only the uppermost floor can be seen from the approach which is located on the highest level in the site.
Top floor accommodates the living room. This steel – frame glass box boasts the privilege over the suburban landscape that stretches west of the site. A level down is the private floor with the bedroom and a large terrace. The lowest floor houses the guest room with another approach that is different from the residential section. As one steps down from the space on top floor that opens itself toward the urban landscape, the view gradually closes and transforms into a space of intimacy, with the greenery in the site’s vicinity spreading out before one’s eyes.