Fitness & Spa Rhino2007.11 / Ukyo-ku,Kyoto / Hiroshi Fujiwara

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Fitness & Spa Rhino2007.11 / Ukyo-ku,Kyoto / Hiroshi Fujiwara

This is a renovation project for Rhino hotel including fitness gym, spa, sauna, indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi and relaxing space for after-hours.
Nowadays, guests who utilize the fitness space in urban hotel are changing from younger generation to comparably aged people, then the space character of the fitness space is changing so rapidly to so-called adult-oriented space, including not only fitness gym but also relaxing space, in addition to spa, sauna and jacuzzi.  

Rhino hotel stands in downtown Kyoto and has been used for business purpose after it was established in 1992. In 2007, they decided to renovate whole building for the first time to fit the contemporary requirement from the guests and we are offered to design the fitness facilities.

In this context, we proposed the concept of the new fitness space to be "contemporary and/or authentic", including a little bit Japanese traditional flavor.  The material proposed here should be "real" material, ie. stone, wood and ceramic, not the "fake" ones.  At the same time, following the Japanese traditional space character, "light and shadow" becomes the key concept of space articulation.  I designed not only the bright space for gym, indoor pool and Jacuzzi, but dark space for spa, sauna and relaxing space.
As a result, I believe the space I designed here makes guests relaxing and comfortable in both ways, physically and spiritually.

Fitness & Spa Rhino
Hiroshi Fujiwara